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Welcome to the Zaxtra documentation. These docs will help you navigate the open seas of SAAS creation. They will help you learn how to setup, configure, and use Zaxtra. This will be your guide on your journey to creating your own money-making Software as a Service.

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⚒️ Features

Zaxtra has some awesomne features that I think you'll really dig. Here is a list of those features as well as a quick link to each section.

  • Configure Your First Product - Let's get started by creating and configuring your first digital product on Zaxtra.

  • Setup White-Label Product from Zaxtra Library - You don't have any product to sell? Don't worry, Zaxtra provides an awesome library of amazing white-label products, which you can configure as fast as 60 seconds to start making money.

  • Setup Custom Downloadable Product - You want to sell ebooks, videos, bundle of images or stocks? Zaxtra will make it possible in just few clicks.

  • Configure and Sell Your Services - If you are a professional service provider and want to sell your services using zaxtra? It is possible, create your own marketplace for your services now.

  • Setup Custom SaaS Product - Configure and manage your Software As a Service now.

  • Customize Sales Page - Customize your exclusive and responsive sales page using Zaxtra. Now you can make these pages in your own language and add your own branding.

  • Manage Subscription - Product subscription plans with different features.

  • Manage Product Plans - Allow users to pay for your products or services, It can be monthly, annually or one-time.

  • Manage Custom Pages - If you want to add your own custom/landing pages. You can create using Zaxtra now.

  • Manage Blog Posts - Fully featured multilingual blog and manage your own posts like wordpress.

  • Manage Custom Navigation - Custom navigation makes your website unique and you can add links on header or footer using navigation on your website.

  • Manage Coupons - Create and Manage custom coupons for each and every product plan.

  • Manage Users - Zaxtra manages your users, their subscriptions, role and plans automatically!

  • Notifications - Ready-to-use Notification System.

  • Announcements - Notify users about new features or updates of your own products.

  • Blog - Equipped with a fully-functional blog.

  • API - Ready-to-consume API for your application or 3rd party integrations.

🏄‍♂️ Demo

Would you like to watch a demo video of Zaxtra? Click here to check out the official Zaxtra Demo.

⚙️ Let's Get Started

Ready to get started? Let's move on to the next section where you will learn how to Create and configure your first product.