Manage Sales Page

    As we all know a good sales page helps us to pitch the visitors and convert them into customers. Here we have addressed some queries regarding Sales Page design.

- Create Headers

Please follow mentioned steps to add header to your product sales page.
  • Step 1:- Login to Your profile. Click on Access Seller Dashboard-

access seller dashboard

  • Step 2:-

Select Setup Home Page from your left panel and you can start desining your product. Enter the header details as shown in below images.

You can also Add custom html code for particular block. Enable Add html from top of the block as mentioned in image.

header section 1

Follow the same steps to add another header in your template.

header section 2

Once all the details are entered, click on submit and your details will be saved and published on your webpage.


Header 1 header section 1 demo

Header 2 header section 2 demo

- Add Product Applications

To start adding applications of your product scroll the page to What IT Does section

  • Step 1: Please add the headline and details about the block as shown in below image. application section 1

Once information is entered, click on submit and headline and other details will be published to webpage.

  • Step 2: Click on +Add New to add Applications of your products.

  • Step 3: Enter the details as Headline, Title, and desription in Text 1, Text 2 and Text 3 field respectively. Add image for the application and click on submit.

application section 2


application section Demo

- Add Product Features

Mentioned are the steps to add features to your product's sale page.

Step 1:

Open product's feature page and start with adding a Title, Headline and details for your product. follow the below image for your reference.

feature section

  • Step 2: Click on +Add New tab to add features as shown in image and start adding features of your product. Follow the below image for reference.

add feature

To update the details or remove a feature use Edit/Delete tab.


add feature Demo

- Add Testimonials

Follow the below steps to add testimonials for your product.

Step 1:

Open product's testimonials testimonials block in product dashboard and start with adding a Title, Headline and details for your testimonials.

Testimonials section

  • Step 2: Click on +Add New tab to add testimonials as shown in image and start adding commencts. Once author details and comments are entered hit Submit and it will be added to your products sales page. Follow the below image for reference.

add feature

To update the details or remove a comment use Edit/Delete tab.


add testimonials Demo

- Design Pricing Section

To design your pricing block in template follow the mentioned steps, go to pricing section and follow below steps.

  • Step 1: Add a Title and Headline to pitch your viewers for the product. design pricing

All of your active payment plans will get auto published on your sales block as shown in demo image.

Demo: design pricing demo

- Add FAQs

To add or Manage FAQs on your product's Sales page please follow the mentioned steps.

  • Step 1: Enter a headline and title for your FAQ section and start click on submit. Add FAQ 1

  • Step 2: To Add new FAQs click on +Add New and enter the question and its answer and click on Submit.

Add FAQ 2


Add FAQ Demo

- Add HTML Code

With all new Zaxtra you have access to design or add block by adding the custom HTML Code with a few simple steps.
  • Step 1: Select the block where you want to add custom HTML block and enable the Add Custom HTML on top right corner of the particular block. Follow the attached image for your reference.

Add Custom HTML

  • Step 2: Enter the HTML code for the block you want to design and publish.

Add Custom HTML2

  • Step 3: With Zaxtra you will get access to list of block design which you can add in custom HTML. Click on Get Blocks and will can select a block design and copy its HTML Code. Follow the image for reference

Add Custom HTML3