Manage Product Plan

Manage your payment plans for your products with a few simple steps.

- Add New Payment

Please follow the mentioned steps to create new payment plan for your products.

  • Step 1:

Login to Your profile. Click on Access Seller Dashboard-

access seller dashboard

  • Step 2:

Select Manage Plans on your left panel as shown in image.

manage plan

  • Step 3:

Start adding details of your product plan in fields as described in image and click on Submit. Your product's payment plan will be added in the list as shown in image.

add product plan

- Manage Plan

Follow the steps to update or remove your payment plan from product.

  • View Product Plan: Once you have created the product plan you can check all the details by clicking on View Tab.

  • Update Plan details: To update your plan details such as pricing, subscription type and, Payment Gateway etc click on Edit Tab

  • Remove Payment Plan from Product: To remove the payment plan from your product click on Delete.

Please follow the below image for reference.

Manage product plan